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Benefits of a Ductless Heating System

Posted by Jennifer Rushing on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 @ 10:53 AM

First we discovered fire, then we wove blankets for ourselves. Then we created indoor wood stoves, and then what we think of as the modern style heater. But home heating systems are still advancing and still developing.  To that end, heaters are now created ductless. What does this mean?

The appearance of ductless heating systems indicates a significant step forward. One major development is the fact that there will no longer be tubes or pipes that will enclose the electrical cables or wires. Some other advantages of this kind of system are the following:

  • Because there are no longer ducts, ductless systems transport air directly into different regions of a room or a home.
  • It can help you save money. This is simply because ductless systems function on much less power. Since they are smaller than the usual air systems it consumes less power. Also, the temperature-controlled air is transported straight into a room, there is no loss in effectiveness.
  • They are much easier to install. There will no longer be the hassle of working out how to place the complicated ducts all over the home. This means a shorter installation time for the client and homeowner or business.

A lot of home owners, especially in Alaska would want a new system like this added to their new or old homes. HeatSource Mechanical can bring this to all local households for increased home comfort and heating efficiency.

Everything that we do is customized according to the budget, need, lifestyle and priorities of the client in order to protect your investments in home improvement and your family’s comfort.

There are other options too, like a high efficiency boiler system or a radiant floor and heater with a warm water garage. With all of these features, these systems also provide fresh air and stop moisture problems that may occur with continued and sustained use throughout the year.

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