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What To Do If Your Energy Bill Spikes?

Posted by Jennifer Rushing on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 01:38 PM

There are several reasons for energy bill spikes. One of which is the use of appliances that consume a lot of energy, like a heater or an air conditioner.

A way to be able to lessen the expenses on energy consumption is to at least make sure that you have a good heating and duct cleaning service. A contractor of heating and duct-cleaning services in Wasilla, Alaska, HeatSource Mechanical recommends contacting us immediately.

Preventive Maintenance

They say prevention is better than cure. The same thing applies to any kind of household energy consumption. We don’t really have to wait for the energy bill to spike up and shock us half to death. What is necessary is to avail yourself of a service that will prevent this from happening. HeatSource Mechanical pretty much believes in the same thing – that is why they always encourage their clients to avail of their regular maintenance services at a very affordable price.

Through the Preventive Maintenance Program of Heatsource Mechanical in Alaska, you can reduce energy consumption by up to fifteen percent (15%). It can also help owners save 100 dollars on an afterhours dispatch.

Comfort Club Preventive Maintenance Assurance Plan

The same program even has a club. This is called the Comfort Club Preventive Maintenance Assurance Plan. “Save today, sleep better tomorrow!” This kind of assurance plan helps owners make sure that their energy bill will not spike as high as it would without surveillance and that all HVAC equipment in their homes are safe.

  • This plan has a pre-paid maintenance of $20.75 a month.
  • One of its benefits also include a ten percent discount on all kinds of repairs.
  • Members are also given a priority when it comes to scheduling and reduced after hours’ notice fee.

Other Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Aside from the fact that it could lessen the sudden spike in energy bill, utilizing a preventive maintenance program by HeatSource Mechanical also offers a lot of other benefits. These include:

  • Prevention from probable safety hazards.
  • Improving the efficiency of HVAC equipment.
  • Proper circulation of clean air.
  • It is also one of the ways that can help owners avoid unexpected and unwanted failures that can lead to costly preservations or need for brand new equipment in case of total breakdown. Lastly, it lengthens the life of your equipment.

Contact our HVAC professionals at Heatsource Mechanical today to keep your home comfy and cozy.