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When Was the Last Time Your Water Heater Got Serviced?

We can all agree that water heaters are a wonderful invention. No more melting ice and snow over a fire to bathe, while shivering outside in subzero temperatures. It’s a beautiful thing. But when was the last time your water heater was serviced? A few months? A few years? A decade?

Whether you have a traditional or tankless water heater, you need to schedule regular maintenance with a certified HVAC professional. It’s best to do it once a year – but hey, if it’s been longer than that, we’re not here to judge. We’ll run through an extensive checklist to ensure everything is running as it should and discuss next steps based on what we find.

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How do Tankless Water Heaters Actually Work?

When it comes to installing a modern water heater, we can’t go past Navien. These condensing tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand. The unit activates the second you turn the hot tap, meaning you have an endless stream of steaming water every time you need it. The water heater detects the flow automatically, which means you never have to worry about running out. There’s a good reason they’re the number one condensing tankless water heater in America.

This is good for a few reasons. First, no-one has to fight about who showers first. Second, it only produces hot water when necessary, which saves energy. In fact, they’re up to 98% efficient! This is a huge contrast to traditional water heaters that continually heat a tank all day, which typically run at around 55-65% efficiency. This will make a significant difference to your utility bills.

So how does a condensing water heater work? Here’s what Navien says:

  1. The heater detects flow when a tap is turned on.
  2. The sensor detects how much heat is needed.
  3. The ignition clicks on and the gas control valve opens.
  4. The fan activates and the burner ignites.
  5. Cold water is pre-heated in the first heat exchanger.
  6. The water flows through the second heat exchanger.
  7. Hot water moves to a tank before reaching the tap.

The key features of this system are the fan and venturi, which ensure the right amount of fuel reaches the fire to deliver enough heat. Sensors mean the system can automatically adjust the flame to heat the water at the right temperature. Since it heats on demand, it’s about 70-80% smaller than a tank system, which also saves valuable space in your mechanical/utility room.

Navien also offers a 15-year warranty on the heat exchangers. They’re made from high-grade stainless steel to ensure durability, which makes it ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your system.

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What if I Want to Stick with a Traditional Heater?

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – we totally respect that. Traditional water heaters have served Alaskans well for a very long time, so we carry and install a wide selection of tank heaters for both residential and commercial use. We can definitely maintain, repair, or replace your system.

Something to keep in mind if you have a traditional water heater at home is that we often find these are totally fine… until they’re not. That’s why regular servicing is essential. The last thing you need is the bottom of your tank rusting our, sending gallon upon gallon of water coursing through the lower level of your home. It can damage drywall, baseboard heaters, electrical outlets, and more. Getting something fixed or replaced before it becomes a major issue will save a lot in the long run.

That’s part of the reason we offer a Comfort Club Membership to all our customers. This special offer includes pre-paid maintenance at $20.75 per month, as well as 10% off all repairs and priority scheduling and reduced after-hours dispatch fees, as well as much more. Our goal is to help you save today so you can sleep better tomorrow, knowing your system won’t let you down.

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Choosing a Water Heater Service Technician

There are a couple of things we recommend looking for when you’re choosing a contractor to come and take a look at your water heater. The first and most important is that you pick a local company with a great reputation. Check their Google reviews to see what people are saying (you can view ours here). It’s important that your contractor is open and upfront about their record.

Second, check that your technician is NATE certified. This stands for North American Technician Excellence and it’s America’s largest non-profit certification in the HVAC industry. This will let you know that your technician’s skills have been verified by an independent organization so you know that workmanship will be up to scratch. It’s designed to give customers peace of mind.

Third, customer service is everything. Your contractor should be fast and reliable, arrive with a fully stocked service van, and be knowledgeable and courteous in their interactions with you. After all, you’re letting a stranger into your home to look at what can be a pretty expensive asset. That’s why it’s important to pick a company that gives you a great impression right from the start.

And that’s another note. If you’re calling and calling without getting through to a person, or you’re leaving messages that are never returned, move on. You deserve to have abundant hot water, so don’t wait for your contractor to get back to you. Simply find someone who is available.

Finally, if you have a technician coming to your home, it may be worth having them give your furnace, boiler, and air ducts a once-over as well. Feel free to write a list of questions as well! Once we take a look at these components, we’ll be able to tell you whether it’s looking good or whether you should start saving with a view to replacing items in the next few years. Our team is made up of experts who can help you plan ahead so you’re never without heat or hot water.

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Final Thoughts About Water Heaters

Navien condensing tankless water heaters truly are the next generation. They can be retrofitted to any system, which makes them an ideal choice for modern Alaskan homes. They simplify your entire system and the use of stainless steel makes them resistant to corrosion and erosion (especially when compared to copper heat exchangers), which can mean years of carefree convenience.

On top of that, the intelligent technology recognizes hot water usage patterns. That’s the coolest (or should we say hottest) thing about it. You simply won’t have to worry about having tepid or cold showers if you have guests or any of your family members take too long in the bathroom.

So, while we can all agree that water heaters are a wonderful invention, our view is that it’s time to embrace the future. If it’s been a while since your water heater was serviced, talk to our team. We can advise you about the best service, repair, and replacement options to suit your needs.

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