Preventative Maintenance

As your local HVAC Service experts, we're proponents of proactive measures rather than reactive ones. With that in mind, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to schedule your next HVAC maintenance service. Click here to schedule your next appointment. Don't let your HVAC maintenance fall by the wayside.

Key Benefits Of Regular Maintenance Include:

  1. Prevents potential safety hazards*
  2. Improved equipment efficiency
  3. Promotes healthy clean air
  4. Supports lower utility & energy costs
  5. Guards against unexpected failures & expensive repairs
  6. Prolongs your equipment life
Cost Savings Calculator Reduce energy consumption by up to 15%  Savings of $100 on an afterhours dispatch  Significantly increase the lifespan of your heating and cooling system  with damage prevention and cleaning services  Likelihood of breakdown decreases by 90% All this starts TODAY if you become a member of our Comfort Club

It's not age, or brand, or lightning, or that you play with the thermostat WAY too much. The #1 reason for heating system failure is dirt. In fact, dirt causes 90% of all HVAC System failures. Chances are good that dirt is also keeping your system from running at peak efficiency. Keep it working right—prevent costly breakdowns and keep your family safe and comfortable year round with the HeatSource Comfort Club Preventative Maintenance Program. We worry about it so you don't have to. And yes—it's that important!

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*Depending on who's statistics you believe, carbon monoxide poisoning causes between 200 and 700 deaths per year in the US. For every person killed there are another 5 or so that will require some form of hospital visit. No matter which numbers you use, this makes carbon monoxide the leading cause of poisoning death in the US.

There are studies that indicate that the actual number of deaths may be significantly higher. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning present as flu-like symptoms without a fever. This makes it easy to misdiagnose. Only about 1 case in 10 appear to actually be diagnosed at all.

 Where does this leave us as HVAC Professionals? We are one of the primary gatekeepers of public safety. We are the ones finding the disconnected gas vents in the attics and crawlspaces. The ones finding the back-drafting water heater in the laundry room.  Please make sure you have your system cleaning and inspection performed EVERY year by a licensed heating professional.