Complete Heating Systems for NEW CONSTRUCTION

House under constructionBuilding a home is an exciting event. That's because you have the opportunity to select the right finishing touches—lighting fixtures, carpet, tile, cabinets and countertops—that will give your home a distinctive personality. And, while you're selecting items that will affect the way your home looks, you also get to choose how your home is going to feel.

At HeatSource Mechanical, home comfort is our business. We'd like to help you make the most important decision of all: selecting the right heating system for your new home.  We will design the system that is right for you; your lifestyle, your budget, and your priorities - after all, it's your investment. 

Home planning toolsWhen you choose a high efficiency heating and cooling system from HeatSource Mechanical, Custom Designed with YOUR priorities in mind, you'll know you've made a sound investment. Your home will feel comfortable in every room—In fact, more comfortable than you ever thought possible. And, our high efficiency systems will save you money on your energy bills, month in and month out, for as long as you own your home.

We can design that High Efficiency Boiler System to keep your toes warm with radiant floor and a hot water garage heater to go with it, but don't forget the HRV to bring in fresh air and prevent moisture problems. 

Or we can design and deliver the quietest, most efficient (98%+) and effective forced air system, with hospital grade air purification systems for your whole home.  No matter your experience with forced air furnaces from the past, todays' do NOT sound like an airplane taking off in your basement! Don't forget your tankless water heater, HRV and garage heater.  We will make your home so comfortable, you'll NEVER want to leave.

Browse our selection of Lennox home comfort products. Or visit our product pages to learn more about all of the brands we carry.


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