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Heating System Maintenance – Heading Into the Heating Season

The leaves are turning yellow and gathering on the lawn. The birds are flocking and getting restless. There are more rainy days than I can count (that’s been the case all summer, unfortunately); and I had to turn my heat on last night. As I stood looking at my thermostat, I wasn’t really thinking about my furnace, I was thinking about my toes! It’s really the last thing I think about unless of course, I need it.

And that’s just the thing about this wonderful state! I do need it, and I’m not ashamed to say so. Especially after the cool summer we’ve had; I’m thankful that we have such great, modern appliances like my almost silent, very cozy, super-efficient forced air furnace. But here’s the deal; when I want to turn it on, and it doesn’t seem to want the same things out of life…… what do I do? (Well, I call my husband – but that’s because we own the Heating company). So, I guess the question is, what do YOU do?

I would hope that you’ve paid more attention to your furnace than I have to mine; and thought ahead to have your friendly NATE Certified Service Technician over for coffee and a ‘Preventative Maintenance’ and then we wouldn’t be having this conversation! But, if that hasn’t happened, it’s not too late. Think ahead, and don’t take your heating system for granted; if you give it a little attention up front it will treat you better, cost you less to operate by using less energy all winter long, and live a whole lot longer than if you don’t. You won’t regret it, not with winter coming!

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