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Why Hot Dawg® Heaters?

Manufactured by Modine Manufacturing Company, the renowned Hot Dawg® is the most trusted residentially-certified gas-fired heater in North America. If you are searching for an ideal solution for your workspace or garage, or even for a small space in your home, the Hot Dawg® is the superior choice for you.

Since 1916, Modine Manufacturing Company has been a worldwide legacy in thermal management. Modine has set trends in heat transfer methods that have set the industry criteria for economy,
durability, and efficiency. A leading innovator in the heat transfer field, Modine has more than 2,400 patents over the lifetime of the company.

With a reputation for reliability, Modine Manufacturing is committed to analyzing and testing every product that carries their name. The needs and requirements of the customer is a priority to Modine, and they strive to please each individual consumer.

With the Hot Dawg® Heater, You Have a Variety of Alternatives

The Hot Dawg® heater can keep your indoor space warm no matter what the weather is like outside. The Hot Dawg® gas-fired heater is available in six sizes ranging from 30,000 to 125,000 British Thermal Units (BTU). The heaters are constructed of a 22-gauge aluminized steel cabinet casing, coated with a corrosion-resistant powder for durability. It is offered in separated-combustion and power-exhausted. The separated-combustion units offer additional features such as external gas connections, increased seasonal heating efficiency, and higher durability for hostile atmospheres.

The gas-fired Hot Dawg® heater also offers these options:

  • All units can be operated with natural gas or propane.
  • All heaters have quiet operation.
  • Design is low profile.
  • Heaters carry a 10-year warranty.
  • Hot Dawg® heaters are MADE IN THE USA.
  • The heaters are residential, commercial, and industrial use certified.
  • The units have a finger-proof fan guard for operation at low-mounting heights.
  • The heaters have a permanently lubricated motor for problem-free reliability.
  • The neutral color makes it easy to blend in with the most decor.
  • Right- and left-hand controls are available on all units.

The second generation of the heater, the all-new Hot Dawg H2O® is now available for purchase. This is the sole low-profile residentially certified hot-water unit heater in North America. The Hot Dawg H2O® is offered in two sizes and has all moving parts and side access piping enclosed. This allows for the H2O to be mounted horizontally or vertically and is created to work when and where you require it to operate. As with the original Hot Dawg®, the H2O is whisper quiet, has easy installation, and offers a 10-year warranty.

The Hot Dawg H2O® also offers these features:

  • The H20 has heavy gauge steel construction for maximum headroom.
  • Two vibration isolator head brackets are included to reduce vibration and noise.
  • The Hot Dawg internal coil is able to handle temperatures up to 200 degrees.

Hot Dawg® Heaters Will Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

All Hot Dawg® gas-fired heaters are energy efficient. One of the best ways to lower your heating bills is by energy-efficient space or unit heaters. Gas space heaters such as the Hot Dawg® do not require the use of electricity which directly pertains to your energy savings agenda. These heaters are excellent for warming difficult to heat rooms. They are also handy to have in case of a power outage. The Hot Dawg® heater can be used to warm any small space in your home; not just the garage!

HeatSource Mechanical is a certified, listed dealer for both installation and service of Modine Hot Dawg® products for residential and commercial areas. If you are interested in a Hot Dawg® heater, please contact us today to learn more information about the product, or to make an appointment. Remember: we are always on duty-when you call, we answer!

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