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How Can I Keep My Air Ducts Clean?

Pollutants fill any environment that has air. This, unfortunately, means that pollutants are everywhere. From pet dander and dust to smoke, your air filter will eventually get clogged and dirty. But how do you clean it? Follow the information, tips, and step by step directions below to clean your air ducts!

What Can Affect and Clog Your Air Filter?

Every air system should have a filter; the more pollutants that your filter picks up equals the fewer amounts of pollutants that you breathe in your home, which could lead to sickness in you or your loved ones. But what affects air filters and your HVAC system?

  • Reusable “high-efficiency filters.” These counter-productive products will damage your furnace by restricting the airflow similar to a clogged filter. This will amount to more money out of your pocket.
  • Dust. Too much dust clogs the system which must then strain itself for the same amount of work as a clean filter. Dust is also flammable, which is never a property you want to be acquainted
    with your air system.
  • Pet fur and dander. Animal fur and dander build up inside of your air system and may lower the clarity of the air in your home. Contrary to popular belief, most individuals are allergic to the pet dander, or skin flakes, of the animal rather than the fur of the animal itself. Specific air cleaners, like HEPA, can remove these irritants from your air system. If you get a HEPA cleaner
    with a high-efficiency furnace, you will need to set your fan to auto or on, so the air can constantly move.
  • Biological irritants. These pollutants include bacteria, mold, and pollen. Their irritants can build up, trigger asthma and allergy attacks and cause infections and sickness.
  • Smoke. The smoke of cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco can linger in the air in your home if you, a loved one, or your neighbors smoke. This pollutant lasts longer as particles in the air and can cause many health problems.

Remember to clean your air filter often and meticulously, to prevent irritants like those above from negatively affecting the health of your or your loved ones. Don’t forget to also clean your home by dusting and vacuuming.

What You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Make sure to prepare yourself with the following items when cleaning your air duct by yourself. Be aware that this process is in no way meant to replace a professional Duct Cleaning, which will actually remove all debris, dust, bacteria, mildew, etc from your entire duct system. Do not put yourself in danger and call a professional if necessary.

  • Brush. Stiff bristles will do the job.
  • Screwdriver or hex driver.
  • Paper towels, depending on how many pollutants have accumulated in your system.
  • Vacuum with various sized hose attachments. Use the attachment that will most likely fit into your system comfortably.
  • Furnace filter. After cleaning your old filter and system, you will need a new replacement filter.

How to Clean Your Air Ducts by Yourself

  1. Cover your supply air registers with a paper towel; you don’t want extra dust floating in the air than there needs to be.
  2. Set the thermostat to “Fan On” or shut off the “Heat/Cool” mode. You want only the fan to be running while you’re cleaning.
  3. Make sure your filter is secured in place.
  4. Gently tap away any build-up of dust with the handle of the brush of your choosing.
  5. Sweep out the dust. Lift the register, and sweep as far in the piping as you can. Use the bristles of the brush to wipe away any more build-up. Use paper towels to clean as you go.
  6. To sweep out your air registers, you may have to unfasten them with the screwdriver. Repeat step 5 by sweeping out the dust as far back as you can reach.
  7. Shut the fan off and power off the furnace. Do not shut off the thermostat.
  8. The power is now safely off, so remove the panels to access the blower compartment. Use the vacuum to suck up pollutant build-up.

Remember to be safe. If all else fails, always call a professional. Take measures to avoid clogging your air filter. For more information and to schedule your Duct Cleaning, contact HeatSource Mechanical today.

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