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The Importance of Duct Cleaning in Spring/Summer

If you have allergies, suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems or have a family member who does, then you have to ensure that your indoor air is free from impurities or allergens. According to the American Lung Association, 60 to 90 percent of the time, people stay indoors. If you notice that you or anyone in the family complains of headache, sinus problems and nasal congestion either in the morning or at night, it could be that such conditions are aggravated or caused by indoor air that is already polluted.

Your situation is even worse if there is a smoker in your house as the chemicals from the cigarettes, allergens and other air pollutants accumulate and circulate within your ducts, reaching your rooms by the registers. The same thing can be said if you have pets. Their fur may house some bacteria or allergens which are collected in your air duct systems.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutants are found to be 70 percent more hazardous compared with outdoor air pollutants. One way to find out if your air duct system is already clogged is to observe whether your furniture accumulates dust after cleaning. Another way is to know whether the air that comes from the vents is enough. If it is not, then your air duct system needs cleaning.

The air duct system has a vital impact on your health, especially, to your respiratory, which is the part of your bodily system that is directly affected. Your air duct system needs constant maintenance to keep it clean and to keep out pollutants, bacteria, and allergens. So, when do you need to clean your air duct system? The recommended frequency is about once every seven years. Here are three simple, but reasonable reasons.

  1. Eliminate pests.

You might not know it yet, but during winter, your house may have been fully packed with small animals and insects, which are all looking for a safe and warm place even before the winter season begins. Indoors are the best place to stay simply because the indoor temperature is warmer. Within your house, it is the air duct systems that offer the warmest temperature. Hence, these are the corners in your house that attract those insects and other pests.

As soon as winter ends, it is high time to clean this air duct system, as it could be that these areas have become a breeding ground for those pests. If this air duct system is not inspected and cleaned thoroughly, the insects or their wastes may spread out to other rooms in your house without your knowledge.

  1. Breathe only clean air.

Also, during winter, your air duct system accumulates dust, debris, and other harmful substances. You do not have to wait for the long winter season to end before you schedule a clean-up. It is best if you could arrange a professional who will do the cleaning as winter comes. And even during winter, it is still advisable to schedule cleaning.

  1. Enhance system performance.

When your air duct system is clogged with pollutants, pests, allergens, and other harmful substances, its performance is affected. It will tend to overwork, costing you more in utility expenses, and shortening the life expectancy of your furnace. In time, the whole system or a part of it will start malfunctioning. Debris and other dirt must be removed to ensure its optimal performance.

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