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Three Signs Your Air Conditioner is Working Too Hard

If you have an air conditioner installed at home, then you must be aware that it needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition, lest time would come when it will stop functioning or being
optimal in its performance. There are times in the year when humidity is high and you need the coolness of an air conditioner, but there are might also be times when the air conditioner is not giving you the results it is supposed to provide. Could it be that your air conditioner needs some cleaning or parts replacement?

Your AC is not entirely disposable, although there are some parts that may need replacement. The question is, how often do you need to maintain your air conditioner? If you observe that your air
conditioner is not efficient anymore, then it could be that it is working too hard.

Here are three signs that your air conditioner is working too hard and may need some maintenance.

  1. Your air filter needs replacement.

The function of the air conditioner filter is to keep the air clean and purely cool. This means the dust is not spread throughout the room when the air conditioner provides cool air. So whenever the air filter sucked in so much of dust and other impurities, it needs replacement in order for the air conditioner to keep on providing cool air. Unless the air filter is regularly replaced, your health is also affected, as its air filter may no longer filter the allergens.

So how often should you replace your filter? The best frequency is every three months. This is the maximum duration of an air filter, although it may vary depending on your location.

  1. Your air conditioner unit is old enough to need replacement.

A good and well-maintained air conditioner should give its service between 12 and 15 years. In some cases, it can serve you well longer than 15 years. If your air-conditioner unit is not properly maintained, there is a great chance that some of its integral and irreplaceable parts may already have been damaged.

There are also some instances where the unit is already very old and it may need replacement, as its maximum period of usage is already consumed. You will know the age of your air conditioner by checking on its sticker or nameplate. You have to remember that the older an air conditioner unit gets, the more prone it is to functional issues.

  1. Your electric bills go up.

Depending on the level of coolness and the frequency of your air conditioner is used, your energy usage varies. If you are not using the maximum output level of an air conditioner, then your bill is not very high. But even if you are using a low or medium level of coolness on your air conditioner and you notice an increase in your energy consumption, it could be that your air conditioner is doubling its effort in providing cool air to your room. And this could be due to some parts-replacement issue like the air filter.

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