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Is It Time for an AC Tune-Up?

Timing can be crucial when it comes to an air conditioner tune-up. No one means to put it off until the air conditioner suddenly breaks down while it’s working overtime. Usually during the summer season to keep your home or business cool and comfortable.

A tune-up is necessary to avoid failure of your AC unit at the most problematic times. For most owners going about their usual routines, having a tune-up of the air conditioner does not have to be a big hassle. After all, we are avoiding a bigger disaster in the future with simple preventative maintenance.

A homeowner should always consider having a tune-up before spending money on a new, more expensive unit. Air conditioning units that are in need of a regular checkup usually cause the customer to notice high electricity bills with increasingly larger numbers month-to-month. Some people’s kneejerk reaction is to replace the equipment right away or buy a whole new HVAC unit. But this is usually overcompensation for something that could be solved with a routine procedure administered by one of our HVAC professionals at HeatSource Mechanical.

What Will A Professional Contractor Do?

  • Assess the air conditioning unit’s electrical issues, tightening all connections
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Check coolant level
  • Check blower motor and belt
  • Analyze temperature fluctuation and standardize the regulator
  • Vacuum and check apparatuses that may be unreachable to most DIY enthusiasts
  • And many, many more procedures not advisable for the owner to undertake themselves

Why HeatSource Service?

  • Our HVAC technicians are speedy and dependable
  • Our specialists are NATE Certified, among the best in ALASKA
  • The service vans are fully stocked with all necessary equipment
  • Our expert services are always available
  • The techs who handle all your various concerns will be quick, well-informed and well-mannered

HeatSource offers heating and cooling services at affordable rates. We encourage all of our clients to contact us if they see the warning signs of equipment that is reaching its breaking point, or just not running efficiently.

You may reach us by calling 907-376-4130 or 907-696-4130. We can always finish the job fast and with quality service. We’ll never sacrifice consistency or compromise your service for a quick buck.

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