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Your Guide to Air Duct Cleaning Services in the Mat-Su Valley

Got air ducts? Then you will probably need to get them cleaned at some point.

Dark, enclosed, and sometimes humid, air ducts are the perfect place for particulate like dust, pollen, and dander to collect and for unwanted living things like bacteria, mold, and pests to breed.

These things can have negative health consequences for the people occupying your home or office.

Most people don’t know what is going on inside their air ducts. Air duct inspection and cleaning services will help you find out and take care of it!

This is your guide to air duct cleaning services in the Mat-Su Valley. It covers what air duct cleaning services are, why residents of the Mat-Su Valley especially need to get their air ducts cleaned, and how much air duct cleaning services cost!

Ready to get your air ducts cleaned? Ask us about our 12 months no interest financing when you schedule an appointment!

What Are Air Duct Cleaning Services?

Air duct cleaning is the act of removing the particulate in your entire ductwork system.

There are two ways to clean air ducts, with a brush or with a high-pressure vacuum.

Brushes only scratch the surface when it comes to cleaning your ductwork and they miss microscopic levels of particulate.

A vacuum, on the other hand–specifically a vacuum that uses something called a HEPA filter–will trap 99.9% of particulate as small as 0.3 microns (that’s really small!).

HeatSource Mechanical uses the vacuum method.

We hook your entire ductwork system up to the vacuum, which places it under a high level of negative pressure. This negative pressure creates a powerful suction that removes 99.9% of the particulate in your air ducts.

We can also sanitize your air ducts to kill any remaining bacteria.

In summary, air duct cleaning is the act of removing the particulate in your entire ductwork system.

Why Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services in the Mat-Su Valley?

Why do you need a service that removes the particulate from your ductwork system in the Mat-Su Valley?

Because we have a dust problem. The glacial silt that gets kicked-up into the air by our heavy winds likes to accumulate on our indoor surfaces.

It also likes to accumulate in our air ducts. This dust can pile up to the point of clogging our air duct systems, making our heating systems inefficient and causing the heating in our homes and offices to be uneven.

Also, during the extremely cold winter months we experience in Mat-Su Valley Alaska, pests like to invade our homes to find warmth in a place that they can hide, which is often our ductwork systems.

Generally speaking, no matter where you live, air ducts are the perfect warm, dark, and damp place for dust and other airborne substances to collect and for things to grow, but the Mat-Su Valley has an extra challenge because of our unique weather.

Significant quantities of airborne allergens in ductwork like dust, pet dander, and mold spores can worsen asthma and allergies and cause health issues for people who would not otherwise have any problems.

There are four main reasons to get air duct cleaning services:

  1. If there is visible mold growing in your air ducts,
  2. If they are infested,
  3. If they are clogged, and,
  4. If someone occupying your home or office is experiencing worsened or unexplained health issues

We will explain each of these reasons in greater detail.

1. Is There Mold Growing in Your Air Ducts?

Visible mold in your air ducts is the most obvious sign that you need air duct cleaning services.

Mold spores from moldy ductwork systems are blown throughout a home or office and breathed by its occupants.

This can cause nasal congestion, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, or even skin irritation.

Individuals who have mold allergies may experience more severe reactions.

You may have mold growing in your air ducts if you or anyone in your home or office is experiencing these symptoms or if a dank, musty smell is coming from your air vents.

If so, call your Mat-Su Valley air duct cleaning service to get the mold eliminated.

2. Are Your Air Ducts Infested?

Infestation is a definite reason to get air duct cleaning services.

Nobody wants mice or other vermin living inside their ductwork and spreading droppings within the system that controls the air they breathe.

Get the unwanted animals extracted then get your ducts cleaned.

3. Are Your Air Ducts Clogged?

Air ducts can be clogged by more than just glacial silt.

If your home or office has recently undergone renovation, your ductwork is likely full of sawdust and drywall dust and in need of a good cleaning.

If you have pets, it is very likely that your air ducts have higher levels of pet hair and dander than most.

Finally, tobacco smoke and cleaning products can also end up in ductwork systems, compounding clog issues.

A good way to tell if you have clogged air ducts is if noticeable amounts of dust or pet hair are coming from your air vents after your registers have been cleaned.

If this is the case, call your local HVAC contractor about getting your ducts cleaned.

4. Is Someone Experiencing Worsened or Unexplained Illness?

As mentioned, the airborne allergens distributed by dirty air ducts can be detrimental to people with asthma and allergies and create unnecessary health issues for others.

Do the people who occupy your home or office frequently come down with sore throats or stuffy noses? A dirty ductwork system may be to blame.

Have your Mat-Su Valley air duct cleaning service inspect your ductwork.

A Note on Dryer Vent Cleaning

At HeatSource Mechanical, our customers regularly add dryer vent cleaning to our air duct cleaning services.

Dryer vents can be clogged by flammable lint which can be a hazard for your home. Thousands of fires are sparked each year by clogged dryer vents.

When you schedule your air duct cleaning service, talk to your HVAC contractor about getting your dryer vents cleaned too!

How Much Do Air Duct Cleaning Services Cost?

The cost of air duct cleaning services is based on the amount of ductwork you have in your home, so we cannot give you an exact figure here, you will need to call for an estimate.

That said, we can give you a general starting point. Very small homes start at $499. If you would like to add dryer vent cleaning, that service is an additional $125.

At HeatSource Mechanical, we offer 12 months no interest financing for people who would like to get their ducts cleaned but cannot pay the full sum up-front.

If you are responsible for your home or office, there will come a time when you need to get duct cleaning services.

Whether a recent illness makes you aware of the need, dust starts blowing out of your air vents, or you discover visible mold in your ductwork, we are here for you when you’re ready to take care of your ducts.

The Mat-Su Valley has some interesting weather challenges that can make maintaining the cleanliness of your air ducts extra difficult. We have the high-pressure vacuum and HEPA air filter technology to take care of anything that is going on inside your ductwork!

Schedule an appointment today!

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