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Where Can I Find Duct Cleaning Services in the Mat-Su Valley?

Duct cleaning. It sounds so simple, but it can have a significant impact on your family’s health. According to the American Lung Association, the average person spends between 60% and 90% of their time indoors, which means your home has a big impact on your overall wellbeing.

Alaskan homes are unique because our furnaces are constantly running. Every time warm air is flowing, it’s circulating dust, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants. They build up over time and can form a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, mildew and other microbes. The good news is that duct cleaning is a simple and effective way to eliminate the nasties.

So how can you tell if your air ducts need cleaning?

There are a few simple ways to tell if your system is due for an inspection. For example, does anyone in the house have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems? Does anyone suffer from headaches, nasal congestions or sinus problems at night or in the morning? Is there a smoker in the house? Do you have pets? Do you notice strange odors? Do you notice dust? Does it seem like there is not enough air flow in your home?

We have your back when it comes to efficient and thorough duct cleaning services, because we understand that having clean air ducts are just as important as having a clean kitchen or bathroom. Okay, your friends and family can’t see them (so they won’t judge you about the state of their cleanliness), but they’re essential to having a warm and healthy home.

Need your ducts cleaned but not sure about the cost? Ask us about our financing options when you schedule an appointment!

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 How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

There are a few different ways you can clean ducts, but we recommend the HEPA-Air Method. This is the only process recognized nationally as the air duct cleaning standard. This involves placing the entire ductwork supply system under negative pressure, which is 27 times more efficient than using rotary brush cleaning methods (and infinitely better than standing on a stool, removing the cover, and trying to do it yourself with a broom and a vacuum nozzle).

Pricing depends on the size of your system, starting at $499 for a small home. From there, we calculate the cost based on the size of the structure and the number of registers and returns.

If you already know how many registers are in your home, we’re happy to provide a quote over the phone. Alternatively, if you’re not quite sure, we can have an Indoor Air Quality Expert come to your home in Wasilla, Palmer or Eagle River to test for allergens and get the register count for you. We have 12-month, no-interest financing available.

Should You Also Get Duct Cleaning for Your Dryer?

Let’s ask a quick question: how often do you run your clothes dryer? More importantly: how often do you clean the filter and the duct? Up here in Alaska, dryers are an essential part of our laundry cycles – especially when we’re dealing with snow, kids, pets and mud. It’s easy to fall into a habit of running it almost constantly without stopping to check that it’s clean.

Cleaning the ducts in your home will maximize air flow and remove contaminants. Cleaning the ducts in your dryer, however, can prevent disaster. We’re happy to help you with both.

According to U.S. Fire Administration, dryers cause 2,900 fires around America every year and result in approximately five deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property loss. The Federal Government reports that 34% of these are a result of failure to clean the dryer, making this the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires. It’s most common in the fall and winter months.

It’s simple to add on a dryer duct cleaning service for just $125. We can remove backed-up lint, make sure air is flowing to your dryer correctly and that gases are properly exhausted.

Do I Need an Air Duct Sanitizer?

It is possible to sanitize your air ducts using a chemical disinfectant. In fact, there are many different products on the market that can deodorize your ducts as well as killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew that may be lurking in your ductwork supply system. While this sounds like an easy way to ensure your ducts are sparkling, there are some big downsides. For example, some chemicals can cause adverse health reactions, including lung irritation.

We do not recommend chemical sanitization. The Environmental Protection Agency has not recognized any chemical biocides as being safe for use in internally-insulated air duct systems. It says the best way to prevent contamination in your air ducts is simply just to prevent water and dirt from entering the system in the first place. Talk to us to organize an inspection.

Clean Ducts, but Still Worried About Air Quality?

Pollution is part of life. Homes are filled with dust, chemicals, gases and other worrying substances. Even air we think of as being fresh, coming from outside, has as many as 30 million pollutant particles per cubic foot. Fortunately, as homes are enclosed, we can help with some very effective measures to ensure the air in your home is as clean as possible.

First, we recommend a HeatSource IAQ Screen Check. This can identify whether mold and fungi, pollen and plant fibers, fiberglass, chemical vapors, pet dander and dust mites are present.

Second, we recommend installing efficient air filters to keep your HVAC system clean. This is a crucial detail that is often overlooked. Standard filters will collect particles down to the width of a single human hair, but smaller things like dust and pet dander can still sneak through.

Filters are rated according to their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), which ranges on a scale from 1 to 16 (16 being the highest). We recommend a MERV 11 filter standard, which will remove 85% of particulars, as well as dust, dander and pollen down to three microns.

Third, we recommend upgrading your air filtration system. We are a premier Lennox dealer and supply Lennox PureAir Air Purifiers, which provides the same level of air filtration you will find in hospital in-patient care or general surgery. It sues exclusive UVA light technology to trap the contaminants circulating around your home and ensure the air your family breathes is clean.

Finally, it might be worth looking into a humidifier for your home. An unfortunate side-effect of running heaters all the time is that the air in most Alaskan homes is extremely dry. This can have a damaging effect to your skin and your airways, but humidifiers can also help prolong the life of things like wood flooring and furnishings. We recommend the TrueEASE Humidifer to provide some relief from the hot, dry air flowing through your living spaces.

Clean Ducts, but Still Worried About Air Flow?

Clean ducts will make sure the warm air from your furnace is flowing as efficiently as possible. However, if your heating is still irregular, it might be time to check your furnace.

Upgrading the furnace will ensure your heating system is operating as effectively as possible and it may even save money on your utility bills. We are a premier dealer of Lennox Furnaces, which means we have a range of products available to suit every need.

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