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Best Boiler Maintenance Company in The Mat-Su Valley

Finding the right HVAC contractor is like finding the right family doctor. Sorting through the clutter of local companies to find someone you trust can be frustrating and disappointing. We’re here to make it easy and simple – so hi, it’s nice to meet you. HeatSource Mechanical has been voted “Best of the Valley” since 2013 and we’re proud to be the best broiler maintenance company in the Mat-Su Valley, serving homeowners in Wasilla, Palmer, and Eagle River.

We know that’s a big title to hold, and we don’t take it lightly. Water heaters and boilers work extremely hard during the long Alaskan winters. Regular maintenance is the key to making sure your home stays warm and functional. We offer fast and reliable service to all our customers, any time. Working with NATE-certified technicians ensures our work is high-quality and safe.

NATE is the ONLY nationally-recognized testing and certification program for the HVAC industry. Our people know your products inside and out and how to quickly and efficiently conduct boiler, water heater, and furnace repairs and servicing. We’re here to make sure your home (or business) gets the warmth it needs as soon as possible.

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Why Boiler Maintenance is so Important

Regular boiler maintenance is kind of like going for a yearly physical (except it should be done with an HVAC company, not a family doctor). Regular boiler maintenance can help your home in many ways. For one thing, it prevents potential safety hazards. When we say safety hazards, we mean things such as inspecting your home for possible disconnected gas vents in the attics and crawl spaces or a back-drafting water heater in the laundry room. Most people don’t think it could ever happen to them – and they’re right! – but safety is always smart.

By preventing backups and filter clogs, regular boiler maintenance can also improve equipment efficiency and promote healthy clean air. You never know what you’re breathing until it starts causing pain or issues – we want to avoid that all costs.

Lower utility and energy costs can also be another benefit from regular maintenance because it guards against unexpected failures and expensive repairs while prolonging equipment life. There is nothing worse than finding out your boiler has to be replaced in the middle of winter, especially when you’re not prepared for the cost. Regular preventative maintenance you are keeping yourself safe, financially and physically. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Choosing a Boiler Maintenance Company

Choosing a local HVAC contractor can be an overwhelming first step, especially if you’re a new homeowner or new to the area. HeatSource Mechanical has been in business for 35+ years, so we know Alaska homes and we know what quality service and genuine relationships can do for a community. That said, we still want to equip you with some helpful steps to finding a quality contractor on your own. Sometimes finding the right place to start is tricky. What do you look for, what should you be asking, and what are some things to rule out right off the bat? Here are some questions that should help sort through the fog right on the first consultation.

Questions you should ask any HVAC contractor: 

  1. Does someone in management possess a Mechanical Administrators license?
  2. Does the company have an “Inspection and Maintenance” process?
  3. Do they have a regular training schedule for Technicians?
  4. Are 50% or more of their Technicians certified by a third party?
  5. What is their pass/fail policy for inspections?
  6. Do they have a confidentiality policy?

Sometimes you’ll notice contractors are eager to start getting to work that day without a proper conversation, leaving you still wondering what the problem even is. As an HVAC contractor, they should be talking to you and finding out your situation to best diagnose, similar to how any other doctor or mechanic would. If even one of these questions doesn’t come up, move on.

Questions your HVAC contractor should ask you:

  1. How old are the appliances? (furnace, boiler, water heater, or HRV)
  2. Have the appliances been maintained and inspected annually by a licensed heating contractor?
  3. Have you had to perform any major repairs on your heating or hot water appliances in the last year?

When to Repair Your Boiler

Like all home repairs, sometimes we wait until the last minute to get something repaired or replaced. Whether it’s your husband promising he’ll take a crack at it, your wife promising she’ll make a call, or the two of you convincing yourselves it’s just not the right time, it is always a stressful occurrence. To take some of the guesswork and anticipation out, we offer free calls to talk through your situation and to find real-time solutions that work for you.

Here is a helpful checklist for deciding when it’s time to get your furnace repaired:

  • If it’s making strange noises
  • If it’s not heating as well as it should
  • If it’s consuming more fuel than it should (it might show on your bill)
  • If it’s over 15 years old (if you’re renting, always ask your landlord how old the furnace is when you first move in)
  • If it’s showing a yellow flame rather than a blue one
  • If it’s kicking on or off frequently

If you checked any of these off your list, you may want to consider having service done on the unit. A well-maintained furnace is a happy furnace (and a happy homeowner)!

When to Replace Your Boiler

If you find yourself needing to replace your furnace, however, making the right decision can mean all the difference when it comes to the future of your home and bills. Consider our holy grail of boilers, the Weil-McLain boiler. You’ll find comfort in knowing we offer a wide range of energy-efficient, high quality gas-fired and oil-fired boilers perfect for any house.

As a symbol of the quality of our work and service, you’ll be pleased to know that Weil McLain boilers are the only brand of boilers that have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This means you are entitled to a level of warranty that adds another layer of protection. If for any reason you are unhappy or if your boiler is not functioning up to manufacturers standards, Good Housekeeping will reimburse you for replacement, which makes it a very safe choice.

Any one of these tips is guaranteed to make a difference for you and your home. Between regular maintenance and unexpected repairs, we want to make sure you are equipped with the best possible options. Beat the heat of the bill and join our Comfort Club membership for pre-paid maintenance at $20.75 a month, 10% off all repairs, priority scheduling and reduced after-hours dispatch fees, and many more comforting benefits.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from exploring beautiful Alaska, enjoying the winter snowfall with family, or putting that utility bill anxiety to rest. The team at HeatSource Mechanical is certified, professional, and ready to save the day.

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