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We Answer Your Top Alaska HVAC FAQs

HVAC is a critical industry in Alaska. Getting it right won’t just ensure you and your family are comfortable all year around, it will help protect your home from things like frozen pipes.

The team at HeatSource Mechanical has been proudly serving Wasilla and the Mat-Su Valley for more than 35 years. We’ve been voted Best of the Valley by our customers since 2013 and we have a Google Reviews rating of 4.7/5. We’re experts at keeping Alaskans warm and comfortable, so we thought we’d share a bit of our knowledge today and answer some common FAQs.

  1. What is your service area?
  2. Do you service all types of furnaces and boilers?
  3. What furnace do you recommend for Alaskan homes?
  4. Can you help with in-floor or baseboard heating systems?
  5. What do you recommend to reduce my utility bills?
  6. Do you offer an air duct cleaning service?
  7. Can you convert my home to natural gas?
  8. Will you charge me to come to my home and give me an estimate?
  9. Do you offer service agreements?
  10. Why should I choose HeatSource Mechanical?

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What Is Your Service Area?

The Mat-Su Valley covers a huge area – but don’t worry, we’re not afraid to cover a bit of distance. We’re based in Wasilla and we work from Sutton to Eagle River and everywhere in between.

Do You Service All Types of Furnaces and Boilers?

Absolutely. We carry parts for all brands of heating equipment, including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and garage heaters. This ensures we always have the components we need to get the job done. Our technicians are also NATE certified. This stands for North American Technician Excellence, and it’s the largest non-profit certification organization for people working in the HVAC industry. In order to do this, technicians must pass a core skills exam and a specialty test and renew their certification every two years. This ensures we have the skills and experience necessary to solve problems and find solutions for all brands and all types of heating equipment.

What Furnace Do You Recommend for Alaskan Homes?

If we recommend any brand of furnace to you, it will be a Lennox. We’re proud to be a Lennox Premier Dealer because in our view these are the best forced-air furnaces on the market. Lennox furnaces are very efficient, up to 98% AFUE, with Precise Comfort technology that can significantly reduce your heating costs. They’re also extremely quiet to run and there are different options available to suit different budgets. If your current furnace is nearing the end of its life or you’re looking to upgrade your system, give us a call to discuss which one will best suit your needs.

Can You Help with In-Floor or Baseboard Heating Systems?

Yes, we sure can. Our qualified technicians can service and install either type of heating system and we can also make sure your boiler is up to scratch. We sell Weil-McLain boilers, which are high quality and very efficient. They can be either gas-fired or oil-fired to suit your home. Weil-McLain boilers are the only brand of boiler available in the United States with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. That adds another layer of protection to ensure your satisfaction.

What Do You Recommend to Reduce My Utility Bills?

Household gas and electricity bills aren’t getting any cheaper. If this is something weighing on your mind, it might be time to take a look at your HVAC system. Sometimes simple things can make a big difference – for example, taking your thermostat down a notch or two, checking that your vents are clear, and scheduling maintenance. However, if you want to make a big difference, you should schedule an appointment so we can discuss whether your HVAC system is actually the right size for your home, if any components are due for replacement or if it’s time to consider an upgrade, and whether something like a smart home system could help smooth out your running costs.

Do You Offer an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

We sure do, and to be honest, you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes! It’s incredibly important to regularly schedule an air duct cleaning service to stop contaminants circulating through the air your family breathes. This can include things like dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander, mold spores, bacteria, fungi, mildew, and all kinds of nasty microbes. Dirty air ducts are a huge source of indoor air pollution and they can actually make you sick, even if you don’t have any allergies.

Duct cleaning is important if someone in your home suffers from headaches or nasal congestion for no clear reason. You may also want to consider it if you’re a smoker, you have pets inside your home, you notice musty or stale odors every time your furnace runs, or you notice dust accumulating on your furniture even though you’ve just cleaned it. These are good indicators that your system is due for a thorough detox. The price varies, depending on the size of your system, but we’re pleased to be able to offer 12 months of no interest financing to our customers.

Can You Convert My Home to Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a popular choice in Alaska. In fact, about half of Alaskan households (most of which are located in our cities) heat with natural gas because it’s an efficient and effective choice. The scope of work will vary from home to home, depending on things like the size of your house and your existing plumbing, so we’ll need to talk to you before we can estimate the cost. If you’re thinking about converting to natural gas from a propane or oil-based heating system, call our office.

Will You Charge to Come to My Home and Give Me an Estimate?

Never. We are more than happy to stop by, take a look at your system, and give you an estimate of costs for things like repairs and replacements. There are two reasons for this. First, we love what we do and we’re always happy to talk HVAC. Second, we really enjoy meeting people in our service area. If you’d like an estimate, simply fill out this form to schedule an appointment.

Do You Offer Service Agreements?

This is a great question. We sure do – and it’s a great opportunity for you to save. It’s called the HeatSource Mechanical Comfort Club Membership and it includes great benefits:

  • Pre-paid maintenance at $20.75 per month
  • Priority scheduling and reduced after-hours dispatch fees
  • 10% off all HVAC repairs

The best way to keep costs low is to schedule regular maintenance and repairs. Finding and fixing potential issues early significantly reduces the chance you’ll be caught out by a breakdown or mechanical failure, meaning your family will stay safe and comfortable all winter.

Why Should I Choose HeatSource Mechanical?

Maintaining, repairing, and replacing parts of your HVAC system can be costly. That’s why it’s so important to work with a contractor you trust. As we said at the start, we’re a local institution. We’re proud to live and work in the Mat-Su Valley. If you have any questions, please just ask.

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