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Furnace Technology: How Modern Furnaces Increase Efficiency

Furnace technology has improved drastically, and the efficient new models can make a huge impact on your pocketbook. Modern furnaces are more effective with the addition of new software that is now easier to read and measure. Heres a guide to the Lennox range available at HeatSource Mechanical in Alaska.

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The Importance of Modern Furnaces

You may have noticed the way furnaces are changing. Modern furnaces are becoming more popular not only to keep up with the times but to also make your life easier and more efficient. We understand how important it is to take care of and maintain your house, and that isnt only limited to house décor, kitchen, or bedroom repairs.  That also means maintaining your appliances and products in your house.

Think about it: When was the last time you paid close attention to your furnace, how well it runs, and when its time for a replacement? It has probably been many years since you have considered checking up on your furnace.

The good thing is that you do not need to feel bad or be alarmed because modern furnaces have the ability to let you know when there is something wrong with them. They also have features that allow you to control when they go off and on and temperatures, either from the furnace directly or even from the tips of your fingertips.

How Are Furnaces Becoming More Efficient?

Furnaces are becoming more efficient because of the rise in technology. Over the last 10+ years, technology, especially electronics and appliances, has gotten smarter and faster. Do you notice the way they look now, too? Furnaces arent as big and bulky as you remember them. Today, you will see that more furnaces have a modern touch and aesthetic to them.

Why is all of this necessary though? Staying up to date on the appliances you use throughout your house is important for knowing how to save energy, avoid costly breakdowns, and keep comfortable during the cold Alaskan winters. . Modern furnaces compared to models from 10 to 15 years ago offer better functionality and run more efficiently than ever before!

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Why Are Modern Furnaces the Solution? 

Have you ever wondered what AFUE meant or what it stood for? AFUE is short for annual fuel utilization efficiency, which measures gas furnace efficiency. So that means if you have a higher AFUE rating, that will tell you your furnace has greater energy efficiency. This will save homeowners a lot of money down the road.

Modern furnaces come in different variations, styles, sizes, etc. When choosing a more efficient model, there are endless options you have when choosing which furnace to buy and how it will look in your home and in a certain space. Lets take a look at the different types of modern furnaces below.

  • Variable speed fans: This furnace operates at various speeds in order to control the temperature of your house.
  • Ultra-Low Emission gas furnaces: This type of furnace will be able to help you lower your energy bills because they use the lowest emissions possible.
  • Two-stage furnaces: This furnace has the ability to last longer and evenly distribute heat all throughout your home.
  • Oil furnaces: This type of furnace is another alternative if you do not want to invest in a gas furnace, consider an oil furnace where it will convert oil to heat.
  • Closed Combustion Chambers: Air from the outside of your home can be used to burn fuel.
  • Electronic ignitions: If you own a newer furnace, you will notice that the flame will only light when heat is needed.

Shop All Your Furnace Needs with Lennox

Lennox is our premier dealer and is equipped with only the best furnaces on the market to make a difference in your home. Above we listed what exactly is making modern furnaces more efficient, but here we are going to list the best furnace products Lennox has to offer. Lennox guarantees the best customer satisfaction with their high AFUE-rated furnaces, ensuring you save money in the long run.

SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace:  Interested in a gas furnace that has the highest rated AFUE of 98.7,  is the quietest, efficiently heats your entire house, AND can save you tons of money? Well, this is the furnace for you. With variable capacity, you wont ever have to worry about a spot in your house that feels cold. Instead, this furnace works to eliminate all cold spots in the house and gently heats your entire house evenly.

SL280NV Variable-Speed, Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace: Are you searching for the lowest emission furnace on the market? The SL280NV is the solution! This modern furnace works to produce 65% fewer NOx emissions than the standard so you can feel good about the environment as well – both inside and outside. With its variable-speed blower, you will get just the right amount of airflow to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the whole house.

Elite Series EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace: The difference between this furnace compared to old furnaces is the two-stage function. Older furnaces turn off and on, and when you turn them on, they use up the most amount of energy. With a two-stage, this furnace will adequately run at a lower capacity, find the perfect balance of heat, and not empty your pocket.

Elite Series ELO183 Standard-Efficiency Oil Furnace: Looking for a furnace that is both quiet and efficient? The ELO183 Oil Furnace can do just that! This furnace has an AFUE efficiency rating of 83%, which means 83 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes directly toward heating your home. No more worrying about how much oil you are using to heat your home. Be stress-free and invest in an oil furnace.

No matter what furnace you are looking for, Lennox provides a multitude of options and variations depending on what you are looking for and how it will fit your home. We work hard in deciding which product is the best fit for you. If you are interested in checking out more Lennox products, please click here.

HeatSource Mechanical to the Rescue! 

Finding the right furnace for you and your home doesnt have to be overwhelming and difficult. Here at HeatSource Mechanical, we take the weight off your shoulders and help you invest in products that are more efficient and cost-effective. We have over 35 years of providing only the best products, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service.

With modern furnaces becoming more and more popular over the years, it may be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out the differences between all of them. HeatSource Mechanical makes it easy for you to understand, allowing you to feel more confident in your purchase.

Our Services

Not only does HeatSource Mechanical provide furnace recommendations, but we also offer residential services and commercial HVAC services. When performing any type of maintenance or repairs, we look out for you and any safety issues we may run into. Check out the list below!

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We want our customers to know that their needs and safety come first. If you are experiencing any trouble with any of the appliances in your home or are looking for a new product, we will make sure you are taken care of at all times.


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