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How Much Does It Cost to Get Air Conditioning in Alaska?

Are you stressed out about knowing you need an efficient air conditioner but are afraid to look at the cost of one? Air conditioning was once considered a luxury, but new, modern innovations have driven prices down. It may not be as expensive as you think! HeatSource understands air conditioning is a necessity, especially when the temperatures start to rise during the summer months. Here we explain the cost of getting air conditioning in Alaska.

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Why Investing in Air Conditioning Is Worth It

Before we get into talking about how much it costs to purchase an air conditioner unit, lets discuss why having air conditioning is worth it. Lets face it, everyone should invest in air conditioning no matter how much you think you dont need it. Summer is starting to heat up in Alaska, and its important that you keep you and your family protected from the sun and hot temperatures.

Air Conditioning Improves the Quality of Air

Many people fail to look at all the benefits air conditioning can offer you and your home because some people think air conditioners only waste energy, but they actually can improve the quality of air. Air conditioners work to circulate filtered air all throughout your home so you are breathing and taking in only clean, purified, cool air. This ensures all dirt particles, dust, and any allergens stay clear of trying to enter through the vents.

Air Conditioners Keep Body Temperatures Regulated

Along with improving air quality and air circulation throughout your home, air conditioners also work to regulate humansor petsbody temperatures, so you and your pets or children do not overheat. when your body is hot and sweaty, do you feel good and motivated to go about your day? No, being in the heat is just a recipe for getting into miserable and frustrated moods. Maintaining your body temperature also decreases your risk of any illness or serious medical conditions.

Air Conditioning Provides Better Security

Yes, even air conditioning can protect you and bring better security when you invest. When you dont have an air conditioner what is the first thing you do when you are feeling hot? You either open your doors or windows to bring in the cooler air from outside. People that leave their windows and doors open overnight to get airflow might be in a situation where intruders could break-in. If you invest in an air conditioning unit, it will decrease the risk of anyone entering your home without permission, making your life stress-free!

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Air Conditioning Pricing

Air conditioners arent cheap, which is why many people do not think it is worth investing in one. With new, modern air conditioners, the cost has actually dropped significantly compared to previous models that were sold years ago. Newer air conditioners actually work to save you money! They are becoming more and more efficient and cost-effective and wont hurt your bank.

There are a ton of air conditioners out on the market, but you may not know which ones are the most suitable for you and your home. Here at HeatSource Mechanical, our team of experts can help you by providing only the most elite products or appliances that our Lennox dealer has to offer. Lennox has been our premier dealer for many years and can tell you that these air conditioners will not only work to cool your home but also have the highest AFUE efficiency ratings to ensure they dont break your bank each month.

Lennox Air Conditioners Will Get You Through Anything

Lennox air conditioners have been proven to be the most efficient and effective air conditioners out on the market, and that is why HeatSource recommends that this brand can get you through anything. Check out Lennoxs air conditioning units below!

SL28XCV Air Conditioner: Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Experience the best air conditioner Lennox has to offer. This air conditioner works to deliver clean, purified air while also saving you up to 63% on your cooling and electricity bills. The SLV28XCV is the most precise and efficient air conditioner built for your home.

XC16 Two-Stage Air Conditioner: Elite Series

To make sure you are getting the most out of your savings, the XC16 two-stage air conditioner works at multiple stages to provide maximum cooling power. No matter the type of weather condition you are in, the XC16 will be able to get you through it. Since this air conditioner operates at a lower speed, it will save you tons even in the most extreme conditions.

13ACX Single-Stage Air Conditioner: Merit Series

If youre looking for an air conditioner that is designed to last you years, the 13ACX is the product for you. This air conditioner comes equipped with a compressor that works to provide you with the comfort you deserve that has been tested in the most extreme and harsh weather conditions.

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Let HeatSource Mechanical Be Your Guide

Here at HeatSource Mechanical, we put your needs and concerns first. The temperatures in Alaska are rising outside, but that shouldnt affect the temperatures indoors. If you are tired of feeling hot, sweaty, and just straight-up gross, it might be time to invest in an air conditioning unit.

HeatSource is your one-stop shop where we recommend only the most efficient products and appliances while also providing stellar customer service. We want you to know that we are here to help you every step of the way no matter how big or small the request or concern may be. We will be sure to provide you with the best solution possible.

Air conditioner shopping doesnt have to be difficult when you have a team of experts to help you stay right on track in knowing what air conditioner will be the most suitable for your house and your environment. HeatSource Mechanical has been in business for over 35 years in the Mat-Su Valley area, and we take pride in coming up with an innovative way to help solve your problems without draining your bank account.

HeatSource Services

If you are struggling or having a difficult time trying to find the right product for your home, please give us a call today. We want you to know that HeatSource will take care of any issues you may be experiencing – so sit back and relax and let us be the comfort you have been searching for.

Not only does HeatSource provide elite products and awesome customer service, but we also provide services such as residential services and commercial HVAC services. We want you to know that your options here are not limited, that is why we offer a multitude and a variety of different services and products that best fit your needs.

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