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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Furnace in Alaska?

With the summer season ending, Alaskans are on the lookout now for the cold, crisp fall, and winter seasons. However, before the cold winter arrives, there are a few HVAC questions you should be asking yourself. The most important would be “Do I need a furnace replacement?” If your furnace is over 15 years old. or is the first one in the home, it’s a good indication that the furnace needs repairing or replacing—usually the latter. The second question to ask yourself is, “What is in my budget for getting a new one,” and “What type of modern furnace would fit best now?” If you had kids in the home with the old furnace and are now an empty nester, you may not need a large furnace and therefore could reduce the cost of a new one.

Here at HeatSource Mechanical, we have a range of furnaces available to suit every need and budget. Here we’ll talk you through our range and explain how to choose the right one for your home. Keep reading to learn about whether you need a new furnace and what you could be looking at cost-wise.

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Do You Need a Furnace Replacement but Aren’t Sure How to Tell?

It might be a good thing to check your furnace every so often, even when it isn’t in use. This is because when you turn off your furnace for a few months in the warm Alaskan summers, you don’t think twice about whether you need a furnace replacement or not. You may think well if it’s not turned on during the summer months, why should I need to check it still?

When a furnace goes stagnant over a period and you try to turn it on, you may experience some complications because it hasn’t been in use for a while. The functionality of a furnace can actually decrease because certain parts may be rusty and just not operate the way they are supposed to.

Many times, when a furnace has been left shut off, it can have a hard time starting up or turning on again. In the summer seasons, you want to be sure to flip the furnace on and off to make sure it’s still functioning properly and to just keep all the moving parts warm and active, even if you’re not using it.

When performing a furnace maintenance checklist by yourself at home, there may be things that get overlooked. If you aren’t sure if your furnace needs a replacement or repair because you may think it’s running ok, here are some things to consider.

How Old Your Furnace Is

Have you had your furnace forever and can’t remember the first time you purchased it? Well, that may be a clear indicator that your furnace might need to be replaced. Furnaces should be replaced every 15 to 20 years. If you think it may have been longer than that, there might be something wrong with the functionality of your furnace. Furnaces that are over 20 years old have a higher risk of not operating correctly or breaking down right then and there.

Furnace Is Making Strange Noises

If after turning on your furnace you hear abnormal noises, this is another indicator that your furnace should be replaced. Once your furnace starts sounding unusual to you, it means that a certain part within the furnace to help it run is either broken or dying. You know the sound furnaces make, and if you hear a completely new, weird noise like rattling or buzzing, call a trained technician to come out and look.

Visible Signs of Rusting and Cracks Around the Furnace

Over the years, your furnace starts to get old. But when it’s getting too old, you may notice some cracks or signs of rusting around the system. This wear and tear on the furnace can cause it to not operate correctly. Rusting can cause heat exchangers to weaken, which is how the crack will appear. If you choose to ignore this problem, it may result in dangerous combustion gases entering your home.

Its Simply Not Heating Up

One of the easiest telltale signs that your furnace needs a replacement is if the furnace is just not heating up or if it’s heating up in one room but not the other. The whole purpose of a furnace is to create heat and warmer living spaces, but when it isn’t producing that heat, there could be something severely wrong with it. In this case, a maintenance check is warranted to see if you need a furnace replacement or not.

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How to Choose the Right Furnace

If you aren’t sure what to look for in choosing the proper furnace, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have a hard time knowing which furnace will work best, be the most durable and suitable for their home, and how much they need to save up for one.

If you haven’t replaced your furnace in over 20 years, you may be missing out on how modern furnaces are changing the game. Modern furnaces are rapidly becoming popular because they are more efficient and effective at heating your home and paying the bills, plus there are a ton of options to pick from. Check out the best Lennox furnace products on the market.

Merit Series ML180 Standard Efficiency Gas Furnace: If you’re searching for a furnace that is cost-effective and helps lower your energy bills, this is the furnace for you. Save up to 25% on heating savings per year on this economical, solid, and reliable stand efficiency gas furnace and you won’t ever look back.

Elite Series EL280 Two-Stage Gas Furnace: Looking for consistent heating and not just one room heating while the other doesn’t? Well, look no further. With this two-stage gas furnace, it can adjust the size of the flame based on the heating demand. This allows maximum home comfort than with a conventional furnace.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V: This furnace is a variable speed, two-stage gas furnace, which means adjustable airflow that works to prevent temperature swings and regulated blasts of air when you turn your system on.

Since there are so many furnace products to choose from, it should be easy to find a customized one just for your living space. A furnace is designed to create optimal comfort, so what are you waiting for? Start your shopping journey today!

Let HeatSource Mechanical Be Your Guide

At HeatSource Mechanical, we recommend only the best products, which is why we are your local Lennox premier dealer. These furnaces are some of the quietest and most efficient on the market. Finding a furnace is all about meeting your needs to provide optimal comfort, while also lowering your energy bills. Don’t let this winter in Alaska slow you down from getting your furnace replaced just because of the cost. We can guarantee that all winter long, you won’t have to worry about how high your bill is.

We understand that everyone, Alaskan’s especially, wants a furnace that will last—with little to no repairs or replacements after a couple of years. Our team of professionals will help you find the perfect product for you and your home, while also giving you the proper resources you need in case of any emergencies.

Heatsource Mechanical has been in the industry for over 35 years and has provided superior products, elite craftsmanship, and stellar customer service. We are dedicated to helping and serving you every step of the way.

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