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Pet Dander and Your HVAC System

A large majority of the population suffers from respiratory illnesses such as allergies or asthma. Additionally, it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of this number overall is allergic to dog or cat dander. If your furry friend lives indoors, this is extremely significant to the air quality of your home. Pet dander accumulates inside of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC), forcing the allergens to be released throughout your household. This, in turn, causes the air quality in your home to deteriorate.

Contrary to popular belief, pet dander is not animal hair. Dander is tiny flakes of skin and is produced by each and every animal. This is the part that most humans are allergic to.

It is very easy to remove pet dander from your cat or dog. Regular bathing and brushing are all that is needed to do away with those pesky dander flakes.

There are things that you can do to improve the quality of air in your home and get rid of pet dander and irritating allergens. Many find it takes a combination of these methods to eradicate the problem permanently. It may take a few attempts before the situation is finally resolved.

HEPA Air Cleaners Remove Pet Allergens from Your Home

Adding HEPA air cleaners to central heating can assist in eliminating allergens from the air. If you have a high-efficiency furnace you should set your fan to auto or on, this will allow the fan to move air continuously, cleaning your air and removing viruses, dander, and bacteria. HEPA cleaners equipped with electrostatic filters are specially designed to remove animal allergen-sized particles. These filters are available in a permanent or disposable variety. Be sure to change them once every two to three months to keep the air in your home clean.

Forced Air System Cleaning: An Ideal Way to Remove Pet Debris

Pet dander, dust, dirt, hair, and other debris tend to buildup on furnace motors and fans. Once these contaminants accumulate, it drastically decreases the air quality in your home. It is necessary to the effectiveness of your furnace system and helps to properly heat the home and prevent expensive repairs. In addition, furnace cleaning will extend the life of your HVAC system. It is suggested that furnaces be cleaned once each year.

Cleaning Ducts Can Help Rid of Pet Allergens and Improve Air Quality

As we operate the HVAC system in our home, animal dander and other debris become lodged in the duct work. As these contaminants accumulate over time, your duct work is an optimum breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungus. Each time the system is switched on, these spores are ejected out and circulated through your home. Those who suffer from respiratory problems are especially prone to the effect of these contaminates.

By cleaning the duct work in your home every five to seven years, your household’s air quality can be vastly improved. Cleaning the duct work can also help lessen the HVAC system operation time, resulting in lower heating bills, and restore the overall capacity of the system.

Sealing Ducts Can Alleviate Pet Dander Problems in the Home

If the ducts in your house are not properly sealed, dust and animal dander can quickly buildup. This is because there is a gap between the vent and the drywall that allows unconditioned air and other allergens to travel into the home from the crawlspace. Having the duct work in your house correctly sealed can prevent this debris growth and improve the overall air quality in your household.

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